Adam Gustavson

Adam Gustavson’s art has appeared in over 30 books for children, as well as magazines, public murals, and exhibitions. He was moved to become an artist at a young age, following a chance encounter with Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devouring His Sons.” The ensuing nightmares convinced him of the special power of pictures.

In addition to his work as an illustrator and writer, Adam is also a multi-instrumentalist musician, and can be found playing and singing throughout the wilds of his native New Jersey. He writes songs, designs and builds guitars in what spare time that leaves, owns and teaches at a community art center, and is an adjunct college professor. He lives (and cooks up a storm) in a little house on a hill with his wife, Denise, their two sons, and a neurotic miniature poodle.

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Books by Adam Gustavson

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