Laurel Goodluck photo I write books so Native kids can recognize their modern lives and see themselves become heroes solving their own problems with the beauty of their cultures, family, and community. I also write books so all kids can recognize and explore their own cultures that offer that same support and love. Last, I write, so all history is honored. I grew up in the Bay Area in sunny California. I now reside in the Land of Enchantment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I married my college sweetheart who is Diné, and we raised two boys. My traditional homelands include the Mandan and Hidatsa Nations in North Dakota and the Tsimshian Nation in Alaska, and in these places, my heart will always reside. I get to write full time, but I take many breaks to ride my bike on trails along the Rio Grande river and plan road trips to state and national parks. I love to paint in my sketchbook on my travels, explore the area with hikes, and always pack a picnic.

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