Illustrator Rob BolsterRob Bolster grew up in Westwood, Massachusetts, but he spent summers in a Rhode Island fishing town. There he spent his days on the docks of Galilee, fishing for mackerel and striped bass. Rob would watch the fishing and lobster boats come into port to unload their catches and refuel for their next trip. These early childhood experiences were key to Rob illustrating his first book, Going Lobstering, written by Jerry Pallotta. As an adult, Rob built and flew model airplanes for a number of years. His interest in flying radio-controlled aircraft helped when he illustrated The Airplane Alphabet Book, written by Jerry Pallotta and Fred Stillwell, and The Jet Alphabet Book, also written by Jerry Pallotta.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Bolster has worked in illustration for more than 20 years. For most of that time, his work has appeared in newspaper and magazine advertisements for major corporations. He produced most of those illustrations using airbrush and watercolor. However, in recent years Bolster has taught himself how to do his work using a computer. Much of his illustration is now created digitally.

Rob lives in Walpole, Massachusetts.

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